Divorce Specialists

The Hansons have closed over 300 divorce related transactions and have worked in this specialized niche for over a decade. This couple working with couples during a very difficult and emotionally charged time has been appointed by judges and recommended by attorneys in the eight southeastern Wisconsin counties of: Kenosha, Racine, Walworth, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington and Jefferson.

A mediator, and retired Judge remarked: “I cannot go into a family court in southeastern Wisconsin that I do not hear the Hanson name.”

Certified as REDS (Real Estate Divorce Specialists) and trained in Collaborative Divorce, the Hansons also teach a course in divorce to other realtors who wish to specialize in this niche called DREAM, Divorce Real Estate and Mentoring...

The legal system trusts the valuations the Hansons give them. Often couples begin by using a friend or relative as a Realtor who has told them the price and analyzed the condition as they want it to be. The Hansons do an objective analysis as it has to be to get the house sold for the highest and best price.

Working as a team each member of the couple has the unique experience of feeling they have their own realtor, knowing that their communications will be kept confidentially.

The Hansons testify in court and also teach courses in real estate and divorce to members of the Wisconsin Bar Association for continuing legal education credit.

From Short sales of MANY price ranges to Luxury homes, the Hansons have closed every transaction.