Selling A Home

There are four main elements to consider when selling a home: location, condition, pricing and promotion.

Location - Location is a large part of what sells a home. While you cannot change it, it is important that every buyer and every agent with a potential buyer knows the location of your home and the advantages that location has as a new place to live. the Hansons will insure that all the signage, advertising and marketing emphasizes this important aspect.

Condition - A first impression is priceless! You want to be sure that your home has its best “face” forward and is attractive as possible. Remember your home is being compared to other homes in the market. From the exterior landscaping and painting to every detail of the interior, clean walls, flooring and woodwork...minimal clutter in closets and in a room. Storage areas from the garage to the basement should be neat and clean. Updates may be necessary. Old stained carpet or dirty walls scream to buyers that the home has not been well maintained. Know that buyers always imagine that updates and repairs cost far more than they do. The Hansons will do an analysis and help you get the very highest return for any improvements as well as suggest contractors who can help you get them done.

Price - The proper price is key to getting your home sold the fastest for the highest price. The price of your home is determined by the market...not the price you paid, not what you think you should have, not the down payment you need for the next house or your retirement nest egg.

The Hansons will present you with a detailed CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). This piece of research will show you on a very objective….not emotional...basis how your home compares to others that have SOLD in the market. It doesn’t matter what other homes are listed for...only what has sold. This Sold figure also must not be more than 6 months old as markets change.

WHY? The reason only the sold numbers are important is because that is the number that an appraiser will use to determine how much the home is worth to in turn determine the amount that a lender will advance for a mortgage. If you price a home too high based on your analysis….it may not qualify for a mortgage and then the only buyers who can pay cash will qualify to buy your home.

It does not matter what the home is assessed for...that is a number that the government uses to gather taxes….their assessed value or fair market value is NOT the same as the price for which you list the house.

Promotion - The Hansons will show you why their Sales slogan is: “We put our money where your House is!” They will sell your home faster for more money than most agents… and the closing of your home is just the beginning of your relationship with them. They are your Realtors for a Lifetime.

From regular mailings and calendars to supplying resources for every real estate need from lending to updating, plumbing, heating, roofing and everything in between...the Hansons are your lifetime resource for real estate. You will know why people say: “No one works harder or smarter than the Hansons.”